Common stumbling blocks for new startups

Let’s face it: the success of any business doesn’t happen overnight. You’ve to find ways to hurdle different humps and bumps that you encounter along the way. While owning a business can be outright rewarding, you’ve to understand that hurdles are normal and it’s your attitude that makes the difference, says business mentoring expert Dougherty Marketing. That said, below are some of the most common stumbling blocks startups encounter.

One is absurd idealism. Having lofty visions and ambitions is important. But being overly ambitious will cause problems. It’s best to go for markets you are familiar with and to do the corresponding market research while gaining traction. Be practical and pragmatic, too; you cannot succeed if even when funds are limited or not enough, you still overlook risk assessment. Make sure you have a sound budget, and each expense is justified. A sound advice is to establish first your emergency fund.

Poor planning is another problem. Don’t just jump in; make sure that your goals are based on solid foundations and that execution is based on tested growth frameworks. In line with this, no startup will succeed if the quality of both the product and the entailed service and delivery are not thoroughly ensured.

Many beginning businesses try to do too much in one fell swoop, leading to a slew of compromises. Unnecessary investments and bad partnerships are common issues, so be wary of overextending your business’ reach at the onset. Conversely, sometimes startups get too focused on running a company and forget how to grow it, adds Dougherty Marketing. Stick to your growth investment plan, learn to delegate, and don’t get too involved in day-to-day administration.

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Using social media is key to improving your business’ marketing strategy

In this digital age, it’s almost imperative for businesses to establish and cultivate social media presence if it is to survive and remain competitive. Below are some tips from marketing specialist Dougherty Marketing that will help you develop and further your marketing strategy on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Firstly, make your marketing objectives clear. Goals will be more difficult to achieve if they are not based on clear-cut and defined parameters. Consider exactly what it would take to get you from an unfulfilled objective to a realized one, from generating leads to translating them into sales. Be conscious of the money you’ve to put in to do so; for example, don’t expect to immediate gain hundreds of likes on a Facebook post if you don’t use boosting offers.

Make sure that work to be done on various social media sites is delegated properly to ensure a quick response to prospective clients. In line with this, make your business goals crystal clear to your workforce, as every strategy you’d employ via social media coincides with a set goal. For instance, generating brand awareness could be your top goal when you open a page in Instagram, so make sure that those photos are complemented with well-written and comprehensive texts about your company.

It’s likewise crucial to identify your niche market or target customers. The image you cultivate on social media must align with those of your buyers’ personas. Your content strategy will be defined by a clear understanding of the interests, needs, and wants of your target demographic, explains Dougherty Marketing. Work toward attaining this symbiotic relationship with your existing and prospective customers.

Founded in July 2001, Dougherty Marketing offers mentorship and training services to people who aim to improve their entrepreneurial and leadership skills. It has helped hundreds of groups and individuals in starting their business and achieving success. More business-related tips and insights here.

A reflection of how great leadership affects a company

For the professionals at Dougherty Marketing, there are very few things more important to a business than solid leadership. Without a good leader, a company stands very little chance of moving forward.

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To achieve its goals, whether long-term or short-term, a business and its management team need sound leadership. It’s the leaders of the company that give direction for the business. Guided by the company’s vision and mission, as well as the numerous rules, regulations, guidelines, and policies, it is part of the job of managers and supervisors to ensure that the employees work together in helping the business grow and expand.

Dougherty Marketing also stresses the importance of motivation and inspiration when it comes to getting the best quality out of an employee’s efforts, and recognizes the importance of leadership in bringing this out. From granting incentives to having the simplest of conversations, great leaders always know how to motivate and inspire their troops, even on the harshest of days.

Great leadership also means making the most out of in-office conflicts, turning these potentially negative events into something productive. After all, true leaders know how working environments affect both productivity and quality of work and the overall reputation of the business.

What can you say about great leadership? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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Lifestyle changes that lead to strong leadership skills

Being a good leader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice and lots of learning to reach a status where you are most comfortable to lead people for the advancement of your organization. Here are examples of easy lifestyle changes that will ultimately improve your sense of leadership.

Quit vices. A leader must have a strong sense of self-discipline, and this can be practiced by quitting drinking, smoking, and other vices that could be detrimental to your health. By setting goals to quit these practices and doing the necessary steps for fulfillment, you gain a broader understanding of what discipline is and how to relay it to your team.

Get more exercise. A sound body means a sound mind, and a regular exercise regimen will not only tone your body, but it will also put your mindset in a good disposition. Regular exercise releases endorphins or the feel-good hormone, making you well adjusted during stressful times.

Focus on the positive. These days, noticing all the negative things happening seems to be the default action for many folks. While it’s always good to aim high, it’s also good to balance your wants and needs. Do your best to shift your attention to the positive things in life, such as family, relationships, and healthy habits. This will teach you to have more patience during times when your team doesn’t deliver to your expectations.

Founded in July 2001 by couple Brian and Jenny Dougherty, Dougherty Marketing offers mentorship and training services to people who aim to improve their entrepreneurial and leadership skills. The company has already helped hundreds of groups and individuals in starting their business and achieving success. For more articles like this, visit this blog.

How to market an e-commerce website

Marketing your business is a key component of its success. This applies to every business, especially e-commerce. With such a profitable platform to begin with, proper marketing will lead to great results and more website visitors. If you plan on launching an e-commerce site soon, here are some ways you can market it.

SEO content
Having web presence is the first way to let other people know about your website. Several companies have SEO strategies to launch key terms which will lead people toward their website. This can be done by creating multiple websites offering various content comprised of information on your business, its products or services, as well as the market itself. In choosing websites, consider the speed with which the websites run as their performance reflects on your business as well.

Paid advertisement on social media
Billions of people connect to social media every day. Thanks to online marketing technology today, you can target specific people with paid ads. These can include people within a designated location, age groups, genders, and hobbies. This makes whatever you are paying for in paid ads that much effective.

Come up with promotions
As in any new business, promotions attract new customers like sugar to ants. Promotions are limitless in potential depending on their design. They can be product-centric, in the form of giveaways, or they can take the form of a referral tactic where people who invite others to view your website get perks like discounts or freebies.

Have your products reviewed
There are a lot of social media influencers out there and having your product reviewed by one of them will surely boost your web presence. Just make sure that the review is fair and that the product you’ll be putting on the spotlight is your best.

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Tips for first-time business owners

That first business is a daunting venture requiring intense physical and mental preparation. While there are many considerations to launching a startup, having the proper mindset helps toward the construction of your humble empire. Here are some tips for first-time business owners.

Collaborate with trustworthy partners or investors. There is nothing wrong with taking the time to know with whom you are doing business. Aim for diversity across a variety of levels when it comes to experience, backgrounds, and expertise. Thoroughly learn about your potential partners and work with them only if you consider them trustworthy.

Be willing to learn constantly. Openness of mindset and willingness to learn should be part of your method as you take the venture forward. It is impossible to learn the ins and outs of the industry in one go, so be willing to allocate time to attending seminars and taking valuable advice from more experienced people.

Take good care of your brand. Remember that each action you make in a professional network represents your brand. This includes your time in the office, when you are communicating with clients, or socializing with other professionals in the same field or industry. Your words and actions will always have a significant impact on the people you work with and on your partners.

Founded in July 2001 by Brian Dougherty and his wife, Jenny, Dougherty Marketing offers mentorship and training services to people aiming to improve their entrepreneurial and leadership skills. The company has already helped hundreds of groups and individuals start their business and achieve success. For more articles like this, visit this page.


Developing the right entrepreneurial mindset for your business

It takes more than a knack for business and luck to survive in the world. Sure, you may have a great product that sells or you’ve learned great business practices form successful people. But if you don’t have the right entrepreneurial mindset when you open your own business, everything could fall apart if you are not prepared mentally.

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Starting your own business is a major endeavor and a lot of people who enter it well-prepared tend to cut their losses when the chips are down. Having an entrepreneurial mindset can help you capitalize on major strengths and help you build up your weaknesses. Here are ways to develop that kind of business mindset.

Always take time to read news about your industry. By doing so, you are made aware of market movements, customer behavior, competitor strategies, insights from successful people in the field, as well as public perception of your business.

You also need to delegate work properly. If someone in your staff can do something better than the rest, have that person specialize on the task. If you are the best man or woman for the job, get your hands dirty and do it yourself. Efficiency will always be a key factor in running a business.

If you can overpromise, then overdeliver. Make sure you can go beyond what your customer expects of you and make good on that promise. By blowing their expectations away with actual results, you are sure to get positive reviews and even referrals from your customer base.

Dougherty Marketing provides training services and mentorship programs that help leaders and entrepreneurs create opportunities for success. Visit this page to learn more about the company.