What Makes a Great Business Leader?

The greatest business leaders are made, not born. Their triumph is a product of years of sweat, blood, hard work—and of course—some traits that made them who they are today. Below are certain characteristics that great business leaders possess that earned them success.

_80431375_178702230Image source: bbc.co.uk


Successful business leaders are not cowards. They take calculated risks, and they know the repercussions of their actions. Leaders need the courage to face competition, challenges, and failures. They do not stop after one failed attempt—they use their failure as motivation to improve their craft. Without courage, one can never lead a business.

Strong will

Great leaders stand by their beliefs and are not easily swayed by negative comments and adversaries. Take Walt Disney for example. Others told him he lacked imagination and his ideas weren’t that great. But he did not let these comments stop him from doing what he did best. After a few years of hard work, he became a household name for his animations, which landed him 22 Academy Awards and cemented his legacy.

leadership-devImage source: coachfederation.org


It’s hard to resist competition, but innovation will make one distinct from the other. Effective leaders understand the need for something new and they make it work.

Team oriented

A good leader encourages teamwork. While they may be great on their own, they have an eye for great talent. They bring wise, talented, and trainable people on board who can help them make the best out of their business. They do not get all the credit for every success. They know how to delegate tasks, and they acknowledge the hard work their team members put into the success of their brand. They may have started the vision, but their team members help in the execution of that vision.

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