The Common Accounting Pitfalls of Business Owners

Business owners have more responsibilities than the ordinary employee. They’re lucky if they have spare time to relax. With all the things they have to think about and take care of, mistakes are unavoidable. It’s okay to make small mistakes in a business, but you can’t afford to make big ones. Here’s a list of a few accounting mistakes that business owners need to be aware of.

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Book entries

Sales taxes, checking statements, credit card statements, income and expenses—- all these should be put in the books on time. The more current the information, the less risk of making the wrong business decisions.

Accounting technology

Business owners need to learn how to use the latest accounting software out there to save themselves hours of work. Overlooking technology only shows a failure to adapt to changing times, and that is fatal to a business.

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Personal finances

Business owners should always keep personal transactions separate from business dealings. Mixing both could ruin accounting, and worse, catch the eye of the IRS. Vacation receipts, and other luxury expenses charged to the company are usually questioned.


Receipts are powerful. They can clarify expenses and be used as justifications for accounting items. They should never be discarded.

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