Influence: A Measure Of Leadership

It has been said for many times already, “Leadership is influence.” It goes against the concept of leadership as a “command and control” position wherein members are coerced into complying with what management is telling them. An influential leader would rather win the support of his people and inspire collaborative action. And in the current work environment, being this kind of a leader has proven to produce better and stronger results.


Take these two types of leaders, for example.

One is a leader who involves his team in the problem-solving and decision-making processes. Members are given responsibilities and tasks that contribute to the team’s principal goals and objectives. What the leader does is have these members report to him and make sure they meet deadlines.

The second is a leader who has an entirely different approach. Instead of getting inputs from his followers, he makes the decisions himself. These followers merely obey the orders and do not carry a heavier role.


While the second approach works for the most part, it is not sustainable in today’s business environment, because employees are treated as akin to a slave or servant. There should be a conscious effort for leaders to engage their employees, and the only way to accomplish that is to become a person of influence, and not just a person of authority.

For Brian Dougherty and his wife, Jenny, those who want to succeed in business should make efforts to improve not just their entrepreneurial skills, but also their leadership competencies. The couple offers mentorship and training through their company, Dougherty Marketing. Learn more about it by visiting this website.


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